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Why Choose Alpha Delta Inc?

Companies today are faced with a constantly changing business environment. Changes in legislation and a highly competitive work atmosphere force businesses to expend both time and money to keep pace with these rapid changes. This time and money would be better spent maintaining and expanding the business. Success is often found in outsourcing functions such as payroll, accounting, legal counsel and telecommunications services.

The firm was established by Mark Tavitian in 1996 and was moved from Dallas, TX to Boston, MA in October 2001. Created using years of industry experience, the firm has expanded to provide services for Data Storage, Instant Messaging and Local Service.

ADI was chosen by Cable and Wireless to manage an $18+ million customer base in the Northeast territory after the global telecommunications giant elected to discontinue their sales and support organizations in the field. This is one example of the experience and industry knowledge that ADI and its staff possess.


Our mission is to provide high quality, cost effective telecom and datacom solutions for a multitude of clients.


Through industry experience, ADI creates a detailed analysis of current services. Following a review of services with the appropriate personnel, Request for Proposals may be distributed to selected high quality service providers or other vendors for bid. Our staff prepares a comprehensive report analyzing the results of this process. Finally, the client and ADI formulate a plan to implement the new service programs.


When a prospect agrees to work with ADI, the administrative department of that company expands. The prospect instantly has the resources, knowledge and experience of ADI to provide strong and comprehensive service options for its operation. Without any financial outlay of effort, the prospect has an advocate in the telecommunications marketplace. ADI is involved in all the components of the services: cutover of the new service, term contract renewals and customer service issues. The prospect is able to focus on their main goal: growing & maintaining their business.

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