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16 Years and Still Moving Foward...

Keeping our clients updated on cutting edge technologies, while having their backs with the Big, and Tough to navigate Carriers, has been our driving force since the beginning. From a one person sales agency to a team of 10 seasoned employees, split between sales and technical engineering, we keep on growing, changing, and evolving with the VoIP/Data industry.

Our Services

Our Servuces

Knowledge and Analysis

One of the first things ADI will do, regardless of the original reason for our engagement, is to fully analyze your current telecom situation.  We take into account how much you are spending and how much you have invested in your technology ecosystem. By doing this, we’ll help you decrease any up front expenses where possible and consider including into our plans any existing systems or services you have under contract that are working the way they were intended to.  This usually consists of comparing expenses to contractual obligations and contacting vendors and suppliers on your behalf to obtain additional information or discuss alternatives, relieving your staff of that burden.

Fixes and Repairs

Many times we are engaged to fix something that doesn’t work right, or never did what it was advertised to do.  This might be in the form of monthly expenses that were supposed to decrease but never did, or have actually increased, or a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system that was sold on the promise of working great for less, but doesn’t.  Our experienced engineering staff and telecom veterans are always just a phone call away and work with you and your suppliers to fix problems, bring services back up and eliminate the day to day stress associated with the telecom and data communications business.


We have access to all of the telecom and data providers you’ve heard of, and many that you haven’t.  Our partnership with two of the largest clearing houses for voice and data communications provides us access to carriers and services across a broad spectrum.  This leads to very flexible pricing options and allows us to remain impartial due to the fact we are not held to quotas or performance criteria by any carrier. 


Boutique VoIP Solutions

Worry-Free Support and Maintenence

We have developed a VoIP phone system that combines a small on premise gateway and cloud SIP service. It is one of the few systems of its kind that can offer local copper connectivity and Disaster Recovery.  A large, longtime customer asked us to find something like this, but it didn’t exist…so WE BUILT IT!  In the last three years it has become a welcome addition to our portfolio - one that no one else in our industry can offer.  This service alone has saved our current clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly recurring fees – especially from fully hosted providers who boast a fixed monthly fee per handset as the best possible way to go. 

Whether large, small or somewhere in between, all of our clients get the same level of respect and service.  When you call our office a person answers the phone from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time.  Furthermore, access to our Helpdesk phone number and email address provides you with a way to reach us after-hours during the week or on weekends, if an emergency situation arises. This means we are always here to help you and your business.   Getting in touch with us has never been an issue for any of our customers.

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