Please review the following real case studies where customers reaped immediate benefits by using ADI-referred products and services:

1) The Frame Relay Alternative
2) T-1 Upgrade at a Discount
3) Special Billing Format

The Frame Relay Alternative
A large UK-based retailer sent their Director of IT here to build their new US-based data network. The network needed to be simple, and built on a shoe-string budget. He spent over 10 hours meeting with multiple carriers reviewing his needs. He had to meet with salespeople, sales managers, and sales engineers with each company. In the end, after all the calls, appointments and meetings, all five companies came back with the same solution - a Frame Relay Network connecting all the computers. All five of the quotes were substantially over the budget he was allocated. Basically, they all proposed their "canned" versions of the same solution multiple times. Then ADI came in.

ADI Solution:
After talking to his hardware vendor and getting the real situation (before even meeting him), we knew to propose an Internet Protocol secure Virtual Private Network, or IPsecVPN. Realizing that DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is widely accepted in the UK, we suggested he connect all local branches via DSL (where available) while connecting the main locations via T-1. We also suggested he buy his own firewalls which allowed him to capitalize his hardware expenses, and decrease his monthly operating expenses all at once. The customer got what he needed and completed the project under budgets (Capital and Operational).

T-1 Upgrade at a Discount
This customer wanted to increase their speed to the internet from 256KB up to 1.544MB (full T-1). When they asked the incumbent carrier to quote the increase, the customer was astonished to learn that not only would there be the (expected) increase for the data, but also a substantial (unexpected) increase in their local loop charge. The carrier had changed the local loop charge for customers who were ten miles away from their POP, or point of presence.

ADI Solution:
We simply took the prospect's location information and ran quotes on three competing carriers. After receiving the quotes, we applied for Specific discounts that sometimes exist which resulted in providing this prospect (now customer) with the T-1 service they were seeking at a 40% discount.

Special Billing Format
A large customer required their Long Distance carrier provide them a monthly bill in a very specific format in near real-time. The customer knew it could be done because their previous long distance company (now defunct in their service area) provided the bill in this format. Without the properly formatted bill, the customer couldn't re-bill end users properly, which in turn, increased their monthly operating expenses thus, decreasing profits. In an effort to pass these charges on, they started to bill their end-users a "blended rate". When they did this, their end-users started to question the integrity of the bills they were receiving, stating that these bills were inaccurate. This whole scenario has created more work for the account managers of existing accounts, and increased the objections the sales staff receives when trying to win new accounts.

ADI Solution:
After extensive research into how the previous carrier was able to provide the billing the customer wanted, one of our partners discovered the pertinent information was hidden in the SS7 signaling stream. We immediately brought in a provider who delivered the application required by assigning a team of programmers to complete the details that not only satisfied the customer, but prompted the customer to become one of this carrier's best references. The solution allows the customer to pass on the correct usage information to their end-user, making the end-user more comfortable knowing they are receiving the right billing versus a "blended rate". The solution also frees the customer's internal carrier expense by moving the monthly Long Distance bill to where it should reside, with the end-user.




Carriers will always provide their "canned solution". Because of this, you may not get all the facts needed to address the specific situation you are trying to resolve. At ADI, we believe in the problem-solving process of "Triple A", or Assess, Assess (again), (then) Address.

"We will develop optimal solutions to satisfy any situation a prospect presents to us. We strive to present all facts simply and factually. Being presented with this information, along with our industry knowledge and insight, will allow you to make the right decisions for your business, exert minimal effort during the process, and in the end, truly free up more time for you to focus on your business".

Mark Tavitian
founder and president


Management Team